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The next generation of Battery Support Systems for all battery types.

Battery Failsafe Deviceshas introduced products to meet the needs

of running a battery voltage too low. With a wide range of settings, we’ve got you covered!

The device comes with an L.E.D. indicator for visual reading along with a buzzer to warn of low voltage.

Multi-color L.E.D. configurations indicates the battery status.



LCD Low Battery Alarm,  +12, 24, 36 & 48 Volt Monitoring

Making it easy to monitor battery voltage!



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Microprocessor controlled Low Battery Alarm for all battery systems.

This device will monitor your battery voltage and warn you of unsafe levels.

The Low Battery Alarm is completely user adjustable with 9 low voltage settings to support your battery voltage needs.

 Priced at $59.95 plus shipping


Auto voltage sensing from 12 to 48 volts

Current draw of only +2.0 milliamps

Easy to read LCD voltage read out

Nine easily adjustable low voltage alarm settings

Senses voltage when connected to battery source

Loud audible alarm with LCD visual warning

Prevents battery failure and battery cell damage

6 foot DC power cord

Optional relay switching control available

Mounting tabs for best viewing location

1 Year Warranty


Call or email for more info and reserve yours now!

Click HERE to download the settings information (PDF)


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Uses for the Low Battery Alarm are:


-Battery Backup Systems

- RV house batteries

-Trolling motor battery

- Marine batteries

- Auxiliary Power Units (APU)

- Travel trailers

- Power gate backup battery

- Generator battery

- Battery backup safety equipment


Low Battery Alarm XL

"Order Hotline" call 805-683-9684 

To ask questions by email, click here!


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Alarm XL is an all-new Micro Processor Controlled Low Battery Alarm.

Now can be configured from +6 volts to +24 volt applications.


Our Alarm XL gives off a loud 4-sequence tone, along with the LED lamp turning from green to flashing red.


Measures 1 ˝ X 2 with mounting ears.

Priced at $29.95

Call or email for current shipping charges.



Please contact us about Custom Configurations to meet your needs 

Please click here to email us with any questions or comments. 

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